MindFuel : About Us
MindFuel is where Information, Students and Educators meet.

Our purpose is to fuel knowledge and information to aware students and parents about the scope of education in India.

  • Our Mission.

    To build an all-inclusive & holistic educational platform that connects all the dots, deliver good quality content in a secure environment, channelize communication & collaboration between students, parents & teachers.

  • Our Vision.

    To be the educational marketplace for providing all the information & services which can be access anytime anywhere in order to help individual realize their true potential and transform the way education fuctions in India.

  • What we Do.

    We operates both 'in the cloud' through our FREE online education platform and 'on the ground' through our Learning & Development Program which works hands-on with all the constituents that impact student achievement.

We firmly believe that every student is special & they possesses a unique talent which plays a very important role in framing their success story. We're here to help you grow by actively engaging in building the confidence, interest and skill to become all that you want to be. We blend big data and crowdsourced content so that you have immediate information and resources for what to do next. We empower students, parents, teachers and educators in taking informed decision.

How MindFuel assist
  • Improve your grades and knowledge by practicing on MindFuel assessment platform
  • Awareness and clear understanding of where you will lead your career.
  • Choose best career for yourself among 220+ careers and 500+ courses.
  • Analyze schools, colleges, institution and exams best suitable to you.
  • Know the activities and workshops happenings around you.
  • Interact and share skills with other students and your teachers.
  • Gift your child a trusted learning and fun-loving platform
  • Know about your child’s hidden personality, natural abilities, inborn talent and learning trait
  • Avail scholarships for your child in order to provide better education
  • Get answers to all your confusions about your child’s career anytime and anywhere
  • Monitor your child’s progress and activities
  • MindFuel helps teachers keep classes organized and improve communication with students
  • Schools and Institutions can effectively assess standards and batches, monitor student’s performance, and report student easily
  • Go Paper-free and save time by sharing common assessments and test of any type including multiple choice, custom short questions, and more
  • Teachers can Find, upload, and share resources for students as well as for parents on MindFuel’s platform
  • Create your own Professional Learning Network to share resources and assessments with other teachers of different schools
  • A platform to target specific audience and serve them effectively
  • Advertise your activities and events to enhance your reach among students
  • Find suitable venues and people to carry out your event
  • Share and Showcase the prospects of your endeavors
  • Deliver useful contents and materials to your audience so that they can access as many times as they want

Minds behind MindFuel

We are a team of young and passionate individuals who aims to make educational information accessible to all. We are united for the shared purpose of creating seamless integration of educational services on a single platform. We simplify and embrace educational data for getting things done on MindFuel.

We what we do!

  • Shubham Jain


  • Ukshil Jain


  • Kirti Gangwar


Mentors of MindFuel

Our mentors are experts in their respective field with over 15+ years of individual experience. Their valuable advice and guidance helps us in making our product and services useful relevant and genuine.

  • Vivek Doshi

    Academic Advisor

  • Alpesh Desai

    Technical Advisor

  • Zankhana Shah


Work with Us

We believe,

"None of us is as smart as all of us"

We're looking for unique talents who are equally crazy, enthusiastic and passionate for their work, we look forward to invite you in MindFuel's journey. If you want to be one of us, mail us at join@mindfuel.in

Proudly Incubated at GUSEC

The Gujarat University Startup and Entrepreneurship Council (GUSEC) supports startups, entrepreneurs and innovators in Gujarat. GUSEC has supported MindFuel since long and has provided mentorship, co-working space and other facilities that helped us grow. GUSEC facilitates the promotion of a culture and spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation across the university in order to sensitise over 3,50,000 enrolled students with 300+ affiliated institutes and 50+ academic departments of the university.