MindFuel : FAQ


What basically MindFuel is?
  • For Students: MindFuel is all about education which acts your personal digital consultant throughout your academic journey.
  • For Parents: MindFuel empowers you with all the educational information in order to take informed decisions for your child's better educaton.
  • For Teachers: MindFuel takes care of all academic services so that you can concetrate on the studies of their students in which they are good at.
  • For Schools: MindFuel provides an innovative technology based education tools that improve student achievements and enhance teacher effectiveness.
  • Does MindFuel charge to use its services?
    No, MindFuel does not charge even a single rupee from students & parents in return of its digital services. MindFuel's digital services are completely FREE to use. This is because we believe, education & knowledge cannot be purchased. Our commitment to serve all the students, parents & teachers from every section of society has encouraged us to provide resources, information & tools for FREE.
    Join MindFuel & take a step towards better education.
    Why should I join MindFuel?
    MindFuel is a free learning portal that is dedicated to provide relevant, structured & interlinked information about various courses, careers, colleges, exams, workshops, scholarships & hobby classes. MindFuel caters to the learning needs of students through its high-quality, crowdsourced and free study content & materials through Library, Article & Question Modules and also allows students to take a variety of academic tests, aptitude test and lots more. On joining MindFuel you get:
  • Free access to personality test to take correct career decisions
  • Free access to aptitude & academic test to practice & improve
  • Free access to study material, question papers, notes and many more for all subjects
  • Free access to all educational information to get aware about the scope of education
  • Free access to 'Question' section wherein students can ask questions and get answers from Experts and other students at MindFuel
  • Free access to interact and collaborate with friends, teachers and educators & lots more
  • What all does MindFuel offer to students?
    MindFuel offers variety of services to students in order to help you throughout your academic journey. Services for Students includes:
  • Personality Assessment to know one's hidden personality, natural abilities, inborn talent and learning traits.
  • Aptitude Assessment to improve logic, reading and verbal skills.
  • Academic Assessment (8th to 12th Class) to learn, practice and improve student's overall grades.
  • Careers, Courses and Professions for clear understanding of where one can lead his/her career.
  • Personalized Career Path to know the best suitable academic options in various horizons.
  • General information about Schools, Colleges, Universities, Coaching institutions, Exams & Scholarships.
  • Workshop, Competitions and Hobby Classes happening in one's city.
  • Social Platform to interact and share skills with other students and teachers.
  • Open Digital Library with collaborated data from various schools & academic experts.
  • Articles to read, write and expand your knowledge.
  • Q/A Forum to solve all the educational doubts & Articles to enhance your knowledge
  • What all does MindFuel offer to Teachers, Schools & Coaching Institutes?
    Technically Advanced Academic modules for Teachers, Schools & Coaching Institutes includes:
  • Personalized Webpage to showcase their offereings & information along with admin's login.
  • Personalized Test module to create tests for various standards & batches, monitor student's performance & report the statistics in graphical ways.
  • Digital Library to upload, and share resources for students as well as for parents.
  • Notice & Notification module to send circulars by notification, emails & messages digitally to students & parents immediately in one click.
  • Management system to schedule, manage, keep record & track their student's progress efficiently.
  • Lecture Attendance to take & share digital attendence effectively & allow parent to view records at their own will.
  • Offline services like conducting various workshops & career day to help their students grow by actively engaging in building their confidence, interest and skills.
  • Social Platform to help teachers keep classes organized and improve communication with students and their parents.
  • What does MindFuel offer to Colleges, Hobby Classes, Workshop Providers and Educators?
    Digital modules for Colleges, Hobby Classes, Workshop Providers and Educators includes:
  • Personalized Webpage to showcase their offereings & information along with admin's login.
  • Gallery Module to upload, share and showcase your files, picture & videos to your customers
  • Advertising Modules to reach targeted audience to boost their outreach by our advanced advertising algorithm.
  • Social Platform to connect & collaborate with students and their parents.
  • How will the Personality Assessment help me in taking right career decision?
    MindFuel's Personality Assessment (test) is specifically designed for students to measure their true personality and uniquely identify every individual student's areas in order to suggest them right career choices.
    It is indeed based on scientifically established principles of behavioural sciences and the most comprehensive assessments available in career space.
    The three steps in Personality Assessment are:
  • Step 1: Take an assessment (test)
  • Step 2: View report/ result that summarizes your personality
  • Step 3: Get a personalized career suggestion based on your personality
    Note: Keep taking the test regularly for precise result. We recommend to take the test once in a month.
  • Do I need to prepare for the Personality Assessment?
    No, you do not require any preparation for these Assessment. It is actually not a 'test' in the typical meaning of that word, it is actually an assessment of the individual's true inner core. In this, you are asked to respond to certain statements of real life which are quite general and at times specific to the situations.
    Why I need to take Aptitude Assessment?
    The term 'aptitude' refers to the ability or innate potential in a given area.
    Different careers require different aptitudes. Having a clear idea about your strengths and weaknesses will enable you to improve in your weak areas and polish your strengths, as you work towards realizing your career goals.
    MindFuel provide detail graphical analysis of your test and suggest the careers based on your aptitude skills & test result.
    Can I practice for Competitve Exam's Aptitude?
    Yes you can practice for competitive exam's aptitude i.e. Government exams, Banks exams, MBA exams, interviews by selecting the difficulty level to 'Hard'.
    MindFuel has listed more than 10,000 question in various categories of aptitude in order to prepare for any of the exams.
    When is the right time to take the Personality & Aptitude assessment?
    The assessment is recommended to anyone from Class 8th class onwards. You may take the assessment whenever you are need help with your career and wish to find some direction. The earlier you take the assessment, the better you can plan your career. Keep taking the test frequently.
    How will the MindFuel's Academic Assessment help me learn faster?
    MindFuel allow students to practice for their academic exams and score better.
    Its results will help students to understand clearly where and how they need to practice, making them more proactive and productive in their academics.
    MindFuel allows you to take chapterwise test as many time as you want.
    Are the study materials available on MindFuel's Library absolutely free to download?
    Yes, all the study materials, notes, solutions, exam papers etc. are available for FREE. You can download it as many times you want. We provide free materials in order to help students study using better resources.
    Why should I upload the contents on MindFuel?
    MindFuel has started an education program, "Collaborate to Educate" under which we encourage people to come together & collaboratively share contents benefiting thousands of students who look out for quality contents. Take a step towards better education by uploading the contents on MindFuel.
    As a school/ institute what benefits do we get by uploading our contents?
    MindFuel has started an education program, "Collaborate to Educate" under which we encourage people to come together & collaboratively share contents benefiting thousands of students who look out for quality contents. Take a step towards better education.
    What to do if I find my copyright files on MindFuel's Library?
    MindFuel's Library is an open source library where users can upload and download the contents by their own, MindFuel is not responsible for any of the infringement of contents. Though we make efforts in order to protect the copyrights of all the contents. If any of the content you find are infringing your rights of the copyright, you can contact us or mail us at support@mindfuel.in & we'll help you protecting it.